It’s Going So Well

Thursday 8th May

Spurred on by my 3lb weight loss last night after a week of planning my food (for the first time in ages) I have done it again and incorporated the reduce boredom eating plan! Today I have Porridge & Banana for breakfrast & already had 1 glass of water! I have made a chicken salad for lunch with a yoghurt and apple. I have also got the chicken out for SW fajitas for tea. At about 10am this morning I was under a bit of pressure at work and all that I could think was “I’m hungry” but I really wasn’t….I recognised that I wanted to eat to ease the pressure off – point gained to me! I drunk 2 litres of water today AND 2 cups of green tea…I am feeling really positive today let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Friday 9th May

So it’s lunch time of day 2 and I had a MAMMOTH breakfast this morning and although I had a few iffy moments I didn’t feel the need to eat during my morning at work & in fact I’m looking at my lunch wondering if I will be able to eat it all! I am doing well with the water intake and having 2 cups of green tea as well! So far so good! Its 6.30pm and I am sat here waiting to go out with friends…so I will be eating after 7, which is ok! I have eaten well today and I am on plan with SW, I have already drunk my 2litres of water today as well! I am not too sure how tomorrow will go, I have not planned my food and me & Matt have no set plans. I am going to make sure I don’t snack in between meal times though and not after 7! Let’s see what a new day brings!

Saturday 10th May

It’s Saturday, means no planning! Had a bacon & egg bagel for breakfast, 2 wholemeal rolls with sandwich filler for lunch BUT I have had 2 bottles of water, so although my food intake hasn’t been great I am trying to keep up with the water! Matt is doing SW Katsu Curry for tea tonight which is really yummy and syn free so at least I know I will be ok with that! Tomorrow I will be straight back to my planned day and doing ok! But I haven’t been snacking in between meals so at least I have been ok that way! I don’t know why I’m beating myself up; I hadn’t planned anything today so I should be expecting not to stick to the plan.


I have been for a run this morning and I had breakfast (4 days in a row – this is a complete turnaround for me!) I had a snacky lunch, consisting of Humus, carrot sticks & 2 babybel. My water intake hasn’t been any good today, I have to admit I haven’t had any BUT I have had 2 mugs of green tea! I have just let myself down though, I have sat here in my room blogging and eaten some sweeties….oh my lord – totally bad move! BUT I have a completely SW Free meal planned for my tea and I will NOT going to be eating after 7pm – which I know is my danger time.

So although I have had some moments where I have been a bit naughty, I am doing well with my rules that I have put in place AND I am also sticking as much as I can to SW. All in all I am hoping and praying for another loss, even if it’s just 1lb I will be happy! Back to the gym tomorrow and working my butt off – I am feeling positive and happy with my eating for the first time in a long time! Nothing beats wearing my size 14 blue jeans and not feeling uncomfortable!

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