Out Of My Comfort Zone!

So a few weeks ago Matt told me that he had booked for us to go to Go Ape on Easter Sunday, I was quite apprehensive at first not because of the heights involved but because of my weight and how lumpy I would look in a harness and how much the zip wire would dip when I went down there! Matt reassured me and said I would be fine, my friend and fellow blogger Heather also said I would have a great time and that there was nothing to worry about…..

When we woke up Easter Sunday the rain was just pouring out the sky and my first thought was

I’m going to get soaked!

I have no waterproof jacket so had to borrow my brothers and borrowed one of his old hoodies too as there was no way I was going to get a Victorias Secret Hoodie ruined!


We headed off to the forest and the rain slowly started to ease up – headed off to the cabin and was told we were a bit early and to talk a walk around….as we did a massive clap of thunder and bolt of lightening struck and we were told that they were closing for 1/2hr to see if anything came off the storm. We headed over to the cafe and had a hot chocolate and some cake. Luckily the storm didn’t develop and we were able to get going!


We got our harnesses on and I have to say it was quite uncomfortable but I persevered and went through the training they give you. We then headed off on our to start our crazy tree top adventure!

I have to say that whilst I really enjoyed myself I really had to fight to find some inner strength to get through some parts! The worst bit for me was the cargo nets – you have to literally jump from a high platform into a net and climb up the net onto another platform! Now I was still achey from pole dancing and I have realised I have NO upper body strength at all to pull myself up!




One of my favourite bits was the zip wire, all my worries banished away when I realised the line wouldn’t dip & when we had finished I wanted to go back just to do the zip wire – even if jumping off the ledge is the scariest thing in the world!

Overall I really enjoyed my experience of go ape & would definately do it again!


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