Time To Knuckle Down……

Mum – if you are going to read this one, I wouldn’t because you get stroppy every time I mention a countdown to our holiday!

For everyone else – me & my family fly to NYC in 60 something days! That is 9 more weigh in’s and numerous gym sessions! I would love to be a 14 top and bottom before we go or at least hit 12st 7lb, I would love to be able to lose 1lb a week that would get me to nearly 12st! So I have started going to the gym in the morning and making sure I eat breakfast, I am trying to control my syns and try to ensure I make the right choices when eating out.

I have suddenly realised I don’t have long till holiday and I want to feel comfortable in shorts – I will get there I just need to work hard for the next few weeks.

I did a Pole Dancing Fitness class earlier this week and oh my word – it is sooo much harder than you can ever imagine! I was a bit nervous at first, however I got speaking to a member of the class who was really friendly and made me feel at ease and when we all started working with the poles, I looked around and there was women of all shapes, sizes & ages which really made me feel comfortable. I managed to do a couple of moves, but I have definitely found a fun way to exercise and I will definitely be going back! However I have to say, I have been aching all over ever since!



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