Since weigh in last Wednesday, I haven’t had the best week! I haven’t written in my diet doodle diary at all, I haven’t been to the gym and generally haven’t really stuck to the Slimming World plan! There have been some other things going on that have taken priority for me and I just haven’t found the time to concentrate on me. So at work today when I was eating some fruit pastels I decided that whatever happens on the scales tonight I will just deal with and move forward tomorrow……

Then I stepped on those scales tonight and the weigh lady said ‘well done you have lost 1/2lb’ how my jaw didn’t hit the floor I don’t know! Maybe not being so set on dieting and focusing on other things helps your body to lose weight! That was definitely a WOW moment!

A few weeks back a friend at work started telling me about a show she has been watching called The Big Bang Theory and that she thinks I would really like it. I have to admit I was really put off it when I heard that it was all about science…..but I borrowed the box set of series 1-3 and I think I watched it within a week and half! I am currently on season 5 and I LOVE IT!!! It really does make me laugh out loud, I have been looking for a new show to get into and this was the right thing for me to get into – light hearted and hilarious! I am definitely a Big Bang Enthusiast!

I am signing off now to go and paint my nails, watch some more big bang & do some pinning!

Much Love!

Emma xxx

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