Sunday Wanderlust Part II

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? So many people bounce that question around and if you are anything like me you will struggle to answer it as there are so many places in the world you want to see…..


For about 3-4 years now, Texas has been on my radar – the cowboys, the state fair, the Austin bats, the food – pretty much everything! As I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs one of my blogger friends has kindly offered to put me up if I was ever able to visit – which is incredibly kind! That is one of the reasons why I love the blogging community!

Where Would I Stay? There are 3 major cities that I want to visit, San Antonio, Austin & Dallas. There is a few places that I have looked at, but I think I would probably end up just staying in a generic hotel whilst I am there. However, I have recently looked into staying on a ranch for a couple of nights. The one I am definitely interested in is Rancho Cortez Ranch ( just outside of Bandera, they offer something called a Dude Ranch Special for $99 which has definitely caught my eye! That includes trail rides, Campfire, Use of Ranch Amenities, Western entertainment, Learn to throw a lasso, Hay Wagon Ride and lots of other exciting things!

What Would I Do There? Well apart from stay over at a ranch, I really want to cruise on a River Boat along the San Antonio River Walk & Dine alongside the River. In Austin there is one definite item on my list and that is to see the Austin Bats on Congress Avenue Bridge. The best time to experience the Bats is in August when the young pups start to fly with their mothers so maybe a visit over my birthday?! In Dallas – that’s easy…..The Texas State Fair! It usually runs late September for about a month – it is MASSIVE and is definitely somewhere I love to explore! Also, prividing she is still living in Texas I would meet up with a fellow blogger Las & her little family!

Who Would I Take? Just me! I would love the chance to just explore do my own thing.

The Austin Bats

The Austin Bats

Ranch Cortez

Ranch Cortez

San Antonio

San Antonio

The Fair

The Fair

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