Tweeting Lovely!

I have seen so many people that I follow on various social media getting involved with companies that they really love or use quite a lot. As you know I am really into travel and thought

why not see if anyone wants to give me a free holiday?!

ok so the likelihood is really slim AND it’s highly unlikely that it would happen, but it’s worth a shot!

So I sent a tweet to Thomson, Expedia & Virgin Holidays asking if they would like to send me to Dubai in return for a review for them! The only response I got was from Virgin politely declining but wishing me luck in getting to Dubai! So it may have been a no, but at least I got a response!

I am going to keep trying though it would be amazing if I could get a free holiday or tickets to a tv show!

Although I enjoy certain aspects of social media and especially how nice it is that customers and companies can link together and really improve customer relations!

So if anyone out there is interested in giving me the opportunity to do some reviews for them after sending me on a holiday….I wouldn’t say no!!!

Emma xx


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