Definition By A Number

I put on 2lb tonight and I was and still am PISSED OFF.

I have worked so hard this week, I have barely synned and worked extra hard at the gym all for nothing….it has left me feeling really disappointed and demotivated.

My cousin came over this evening to help my mum out with some stuff and kinda took the brunt of my moaning, but he talked me through my workout and gave me some tips of things to do… I am back on the track and got new things to try.

I have thought though, maybe I’m not meant to be smaller, maybe I’m meant to be this size. Or maybe my body wants to stay at this weight but wants me to lose inches as I can feel my work trousers are getting bigger slightly……..

Maybe I should stop worrying about the number on the scales and just worry about how I feel? I don’t want to stop getting weighed as it encourages me to eat sensibly, but I do feel that I become obsessed with the number going down and at the moment it goes up, then down, then up, then down, the stays the same. But all whilst that number is doing that I could be losing inches?!

I have found an article in the daily mail that says the average woman is a size 16 and weighs 11st 2lb…..firstly no woman I know weighs 11st and is a UK 16…..I weigh 12st something and I am a 14/16 dependant on the store, so in effect I am pretty much an average woman……so if that is the case why is there sooo much media pressure to look sooo thin!!!!

I’m going now before you start me on another rant!

Love You Guys



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