Perfectly Pinned

So, for those of you that don’t know I am a MASSIVE Pinterest fan. I fell out of love with Pinterest for a couple of months in the run up to Christmas, but the love is back and stronger than ever!

You can follow me on Pinterest if you fancy, if you search for princessepink you will find me and all my thousands (and I mean that literally) of pins! There is everything from Nail Art to Travelling to Planning Family Parties – its all on there and I encourage you to take inspiration from my pins!

I have been pinning quite a bit over the last few days and I thought I would share my 5 favourite pins with you all!




I pinned this a while ago, but I still love it! Whoever thought of this and was clever enough to get the photo is amazing! I had one of these cars when I was younger and would LOVE to be able to recreate this if I have children!


How Does This Not Want To Make You Workout

How Does This Not Want To Make You Workout

This is 5 lbs of fat next to 5 lbs of muscle – makes me realise just how important it is every session I do at the gym and also how much weight loss on the scales doesn’t matter as its inches that helps you to lose dress sizes!


May Designs Notebooks & Diaries

May Designs Notebooks & Diaries

I stumbled across these lovely looking notebooks and diaries on a instagram I follow and I thought I would browse through their website – some of their stuff is incredible! I emailed them and was gutted to find out that they don’t ship to the UK! I am debating on ordering a diary for next year to be delivered when I am on holiday in June!


Christmas Bark

Christmas Bark

This pin has 2 things attached! Firstly I saw this and thought making Christmas Bark would be a great idea and I made Number 6 – it was really easy and I would definitely do it again! The second thing is the link to the website called Chickabug, the blog is fantastic it has a whole load of ideas for parties and gifts there is free printables as well!


My Heart!

My Heart!

I often search for New York pins to see if there is anything new or hints and tips on there, I stumbled across this photo and it just melted my heart. The Chrylser building is my favourite building ever and I especially love it at night! For me the best place I have viewed it is Top Of The Rock Observation Deck – I cant wait to go back in June!

So there you go, those are my 5 favourite pins at the moment! Why don’t you take a peek at Pinterest and set yourself up a board and get pinning! You wont regret it….you just might become addicted!

Emma xxx

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