What’s Next?!

Hey Everyone!

I posted a status on my facebook last week due asking if anyone would like to come to NYC with me in December to experience Christmas in New York……My cousin text me instantly and said even though she is moving out soon and saving for a wedding she will go – I was soo pleased!

I have been thinking and people often say to me how many times have you been to NYC don’t you want to see somewhere different? What is so special about NYC?? I feel a bond with NYC, I feel safe there – it was my first holiday abroad without my parents, I have been with so many different people and each time I have been it has been different, I always experience something different when I am there….but this time I get it, if I went again it would be my 5th visit in 9 years and twice in 1 year.

So I am just hoping for some advice from anyone – do you go back to the same place more than once? do you want to explore anywhere else?

I posted a tweet last night So this June will be my 4th visit to NYC……..do I really need to go back at Christmas?! #toomuch #overkill #advice #travel #NYC and Las (an Irish ex-pat currently living in TX) was one of the first people to tweet me back and suggested Texas and bless her soul even offered me her spare room if her and Col were still living there! I was beyond bowled over by her generosity!

I texted my cousin and ask her realistically if she can see herself going to NYC this December…..we have decided to postpone our trip to NYC for another time….So this leaves me to look for a December trip.

I am looking to go to America, for a maximum of 5 days here are my possibilities so far:

Tennesse (Memphis & Nashville)

Sooo I am on the hunt for possibilities!

Wish me luck



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