It Could Only Happen To Me!

So, this week I had booked off 3 days to celebrate Matt’s birthday and I have been ill with Gastroenteritis since Monday AM which is really unfortunate as we have been to and from London to celebrate Matt’s Birthday and also for my Afternoon Tea at The Ritz. Thankfully, as I write this I am 48hrs symptom free and finally back to eating normally!

Matt had a great time snorkelling with sharks at London Aquarium and we had a lovely day walking round parts of London and the hotel we stayed at in the evening wasn’t too bad either! It was just a shame that I had been feeling really groggy and just generally not myself at all. Matt knew I wasn’t too feeling too great as I was off my food and just quite sluggish.



matt in the tank with the sharks – they were between 3-5 metres!

I was feeling really pants Wednesday Morning and took all my energy to shower, put my make up on and get ready, I have to say that if we hadn’t booked to go The Ritz I would have gladly stayed in bed all day. Whilst we were sat on the train and I was really struggling to keep positive and feel excited about going to The Ritz! My stomach was churning and I was feeling really queasy, we had 2 posh blokes sat next to us who were literally talking like they had silver spoons in their mouths. Matt’s face pulling and text messages to me about them did make me giggle and cheered me up temporarily!

We reached London Victoria and I had to make a dash to the loo…..I had to pay 30p for the privilege and the toilets weren’t that great! We jumped in a taxi to The Ritz and were greeted by a doorman who was so kind and guided us to where we had to go. As we entered the building I was overwhelmed with just how stunningly beautiful it is inside. The interior is out of this world, it has to be the most amazing place I have visited ever. At that point I really thought to myself that I just had to really try and enjoy myself as I was never going to get this experience again!



We headed down a hall and on the left hand side we were greeted and show to our seats. My chair was pulled out for me and our napkins were placed on our laps. I have never had that in any restaurant that I have been to! We were then brought out a lovely stand which had sandwiches and a selection of cakes and pastries, they all looked so delicious but I could think was ‘don’t be sick, where is the toilet, if you need to run to the loo don’t fall over in your heels’. I think Matt could see that I really wasn’t 100% as I normally would have jumped straight in, ate all the sandwiches and been the first one of us to try the cake. It just wasn’t happening; I think it took me a good 20 minutes to eat 2 finger sandwiches. The warm scones were then brought out… heart sunk and I thought ‘I can’t not try one’ so I picked a fruit one, cut it in half spread on some clotted cream and lovely jam. I took 1 bite and I knew that it was going down properly. I looked at Matt and simply said “I will be back in a minute”, I headed to the toilets as fast as my legs could carry me and was fearful of not falling over on the marble floor in my giant heels! I made it just in time to burst open a stall door and I can honestly say those toilets are the poshest I have ever been sick in! I freshened myself up and headed back to where we were sat. Matt checked I was ok and if I wanted to carry on, but surprisingly I had felt better than I had earlier in the day. So I finished my scone and had another and a Macaroon, but that was it, I had hit my limit. We had lots of lovely tea and the waiters were fantastic, but my experience wasn’t what I thought it would be and I really feel like I missed out on the true experience of Afternoon Tea at the Ritz.




We headed home and all the way home on the train, I was freezing – I think Matt thought I was crazy as he was quite comfortable! We got home I changed straight into some leggings and a Victoria’s Secret hoodie, chucked over a blanket and stayed in that spot pretty much for the rest of the night!

Matt left me at about 10ish and I feel straight to sleep. So my experience of Afternoon Tea At The Ritz, wasn’t quite what I expected, however I did it and it was a fantastic thing to do – I think I might have to treat myself to afternoon tea at a local tea house when I am feeling a bit better!

I have to say this week I have never felt so ill before and I am so thankful to be feeling so much better now. For anyone that knows me, it is really unlike me to be off food but I have never hated the sight of food so much! I am glad to have my appetite back!


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