Number 14 – Check!

Even though I couldn’t blog – I managed to do a handwritten update!

Monday 6th January:

Hey, it’s 10.38pm, I can’t sleep and I am feeling really cut off from the world. With no technology there is no social networking, the news channels are shite, there is hardly any celeb gossip and I have no Ida what is going on with anyone!

I have barely spoken to Matt after he left mine on Saturday as we don’t see each other from Sunday to Thursday but we normally constantly text. I have spoken to him on the house phone but it’s not quite the same! Ihave been dying to do some research online for NYC in December and Vegas/San Fran next year toooo 😦

The one thing I have realised is how much we rely on technology – it’s insane! However! One good thing has come out of this….I have found a new TV Show on MTV that I have fallen in love with – Catfish! Oh. My. God. I LOVE this show, I won’t lie I had a few online interests when I was a teenager, in fact Matt & I met online. It really is scary to think that I could have been speaking to anyone, when you look back you don’t realise how vulnerable you are, it’s only now you realise what danger you could be putting yourself in! Modern technology realise does have a lot to answer for, everyone knows each other’s business and everyone seems to feel the need to share everything, even me! Just think 10-15 years ago this wouldn’t even have been a blog, just a 25year olds diary that would be locked away for no one to read!

See you Friday!

Remember play safe online

Emma xx


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