No Technology?!

29th December: A couple of days ago Matt just casually said “You Will Never Do Number 14” He is adamant that I will never be able to last a week without my Phone, iPad, Laptop or Kindle. I said to him of course I will because its on my list and I will do it! So he has made a bet with me – on 2nd January, I was to hand all of my 21st technology over to him for a week and he has promised to call me every night! The rules are that I can of course use the computer at work (otherwise I will never do anything!) but I cannot use my mum’s pc or iPad.

TODAY So this post goes live on 5th January, its a Sunday and I will have probably gone to the gym in the morning and be really lost this afternoon. I will probably read one of my new books or watch a few movies and paint my nails! I think I will probably be really over the initial struggle and actually getting used to not being in touch with the world!

So this is something else off my list – I am really making headway this year with my list! This will be the first thing that I can cross off and I have another 2 to do pretty soon as well! I am really pleased that I have put my list together as I am doing things that I probably wouldn’t be doing otherwise and I have this blog to look back on as well!

I will be back and blogging like normal soon!

Emma xxx


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