Santa Actually Came!

I am sat here with a scrummy hot chocolate in my new starbucks mug a warmed mince pie and tangled on the TV, don’t you just love this time of year!

So we are in that inbetween period of Christmas and New Year, some of us are back and work and some aren’t, its that time of year where all the days roll into one and you get a bit lost! So I thought I would bring you some Festive Cheer and share with you the Traditions of our family Christmas and also what Father Christmas brought me in his sleigh!

So every Christmas Eve since I can remember my family and my grandparents have gone to Carols By Candlelight at one the churches nearby. I am not sure when, but at some point over the last 26years my Godfathers mum has joined us and we get a Chinese afterwards! We always have the back 2 pews in the church and sing our hearts out. This was mine and Matt’s 5th Christmas and the 4th time he has joined us on Christmas Eve, it is really nice that he has joined us in this tradition and I hope that if we start a family that we can make this a everlasting tradition within our family. This year, we decided to wear our Christmas jumpers… are a few photo’s!





When I was looking back at the photo’s I realised as always, I was the odd one out and didn’t have a Stag on my jumper! Oh well!

So Christmas Day & Boxing Day Matt & I have always split it between our families and this year it was his turn to be at my house on Christmas Day, so when he arrived we opened presents with him and he was really pleased with his wallet and skydive that I brought him. Then it was my turn to open my gifts……he always likes to play the joker and started off by giving me some coal! Then it was to open some smellies (which you can never go wrong with), then some lovely PJ’s, then a gorgeous blazer (I have wanted one for ages), then he handed me a Karen Millen Bag, which completely knocked me for six. Inside was a beautiful Champagne coloured dress and such a lovely shape too. I was then given another parcel, I ripped off the wrapping paper to reveal a lovely Versace Jeans Bag, the lining is stunningly purple. Instantly I was told to go and try it all on BUT not to take off any of the labels (that were covered in wrapping paper), I was so shocked and happy to find that it all fitted – my man did good!


When I went back downstairs my mum was a tad emotional…..I am not sure why!and Matt told me to empty the bag of all the stuffing and look in the pocket, so like a crazy woman I chucked out all the stuffing and opened up the pocket….and there it was…..Number 19 email confirmation of a reservation for 2 for Afternoon Tea At The Ritz! I was shocked and speechless and also a bit worried because the date he has booked it for was so close to his birthday! The surprises didn’t stop there, once I got over my amazement he told me to look in the pocket of my blazer…and there it was again….Number 25email confirmation of 3 tickets to London Fashion Weekend In February! That was it, I had to hold back the tears and just plant a massive kiss on his lips! Not only did I get a lovely outfit, I was given 2 things on my bucket list!

I honestly could not contain my excitement! I felt like I was on cloud cuckoo land! So the beginning of next year already looks to be a good one and all thanks to my gorgeous man!

I got lots of other lovely bits for Christmas including lots of new books to read and lovely smellies!

I am off to watch the rest of my movie now and will leave you all in peace! Have a lovely relaxing Sunday!

Emma xx

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