Christmas At Claridges

This is my first book review – so I will apologise now if this isn’t what normally happens!

I first came across Karen Swan’s books in late 2011 when I started reading to keep my anxiety under control and my love affair started with Christmas At Tiffanys, which I think I read within 2 weeks. I then took Primadonna and Players to Cuba with me and read them both within a week ( I did A LOT of reading on that holiday). Then last Christmas I read The Perfect Present which was read within a week and that was it, I had finished the book collection and was just dying for more!

I started following Karen on Twitter to find out more about when her new books will be out and was really pleased to hear about a new release in time for Christmas 2013 and also one in the summer of 2014!

So as soon as I knew Christmas At Claridges was out in the shops I headed out and picked up my copy, but it was to remain on my bookshelf to wait until 1st December to start reading. It took me until about chapter 14 to really get into the book, which is unusal for me as I normally fall straight in and become immersed in the story, but for some reason I just couldn’t jump in. I don’t think it is anything to do with the story or the writing, I had a lot going on and just couldn’t connect to the book.

Then Chapter 14 happened and Clem had the meeting with the Swimmer and I could feel the passion and tension and lust between the 2 of them as I read the book in the bath and that was it, I was involved in the story – their want for each other had dragged me in completely. I then became immersed in the story, feeling the shock on Tom’s face at the auction when that beloved Birkin sold and the pain Clem felt when she realised she had to go to Portifino, but not really understanding why she didn’t want to go!

The story and the writing just dragged me in deeper to the story, wanting to know more about the ties between her and Rafa, why did he hate her so much – what was their history? Why did Chiara want Clem so badly to stay and help with Luca? I had so many questions and I wanted so much to find the answers and the need to know just kept me reading more and more and more.

Then as the story unravelled and we hit Chapter 44, the tears flowed. I felt the pain of the characters and then the pride and happiness, my emotions really took over. I sobbed like a baby for the remainder of the book!

I know that I haven’t given much away of the story, but that is because you need to read the book! You need to go out buy it (or on your Kindle) and read it – even if you struggle to begin with keep going and once your done, invest in all her other books – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

I am waiting for the news on Twitter of her new release in the Summer and just hope and pray that it will be out before I go on holiday in June!

Happy Reading

Emma xx

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