Spoilt Rotten!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I am getting ready to go out for dinner with some friends and just thought I would pop by! I would like to wish all my American followers a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all enjoyed wonderful celebrations with your family & friends!

I had yesterday off work and finished up the last bits of christmas shopping and also treated myself to a few goodies! A few weeks back my friend Steph brought a bubble bar in Lush called Golden Wonder she told me that I definitely need to get one and I will love what happens…..so when I was browsing the shops on Friday I sauntered into Lush and thought what the hell and brought myself one! I am looking forward to bath time tomorrow!

I also brought some new nail varnish…..because I don’t have enough…..there was a hair and nail shop and they had 15% off and I just HAD to get the Mariah Carey OPI trio set, there was 2 to choose from and mine includes: Silent Stars Go By, Baby Please Come Home & Make Him Mine. I sneaked in some wet look jeans from Dotty P’s…..my man likes these, so more a treat for him!

Now I am not one to buy perfume unless I am at duty free, however, I have been using the same 2 perfumes for about a year and wanted to mix it up a bit! I remembered when I went on holiday a few years back I brought Diamonds by Armarni and used it until the very last drop and never got a replacement. I was a bit taken aback by the cost, but I had the spare cash and went for it and I am so glad I did as I forgot how nice it was! My other ‘duty free’ purchase was brought from Ted Baker. I got a gorgeous nude purse, I have wanted one for a long time and always said “that is my next duty free purchase” but never brought one! So even though it cost almost as much as the perfume, I went for it!


Now I know your thinking ‘she only went clothes shopping a couple of months ago’, I know….however clothes are very much a necessity and you need appropriate clothes for each season(Steph are you proud?!). The items I brought are luxuries to me and I probably won’t spend like that again for a long time!

Hell if I can’t treat myself then I won’t be sending anyone Christmas gifts hahahaha ! Sooooo tomorrow is the first day of December! We already have our lights outside and I think my dad is going to start putting up the decs next week! I am off to visit some garden centres tomorrow and explore their Winter Wonderlands!

Have a great Saturday Night and enjoy your chocolate for breakfast tomorrow!

Much Love



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