Hello Everyone!

Me and Matt have been reminiscing over the last week or so, as this time a year ago we were in Guardlavca in Cuba. It was paradise – I can honestly say that I have never seen bluer sea’s or whiter sand. It was the most relaxing 2 weeks I have ever had!



We stayed at Playa Costa Verde, it was a beach front hotel – although it was a big hotel, it had a community feel. We would see the same people at dinner and the bar each night and around the pool and at the pool bar during the day. All of the staff were so incredibly friendly and it honestly felt like they could not do enough for you!

When we booked to go to Cuba, Matt kept saying “we have to take gifts for the children, we have to take medicine for them” and I was so dismissive because in my mind I was on holiday and I wanted to relax not do a charity mission! However, Matt dismissed me and still went ahead and got things to take for the people of Cuba and my god was I glad he did! After speaking with a few staff members and travel reps, I realised that compared to our way of life they have virtually nothing, so to be able to give them something other than a tip in money was very rewarding.

We did several trips during our stay and a year down the line 2 of them stick out for me; a Catamaran trip and Swimming with Dolphins. During the Catamaran trip, we had a traditional Cuban Lunch, Snorkelling off the Boat (never been so scared in all my life!), Horse Riding & just swimming in the clear blue sea. It was such a beautiful place and soooo relaxing! There is a stunning video of the catamaran ride back in the sunset which is stunning.



The Dolphin Trip was a trip of a lifetime. I can honestly say it was the most amazing experience of my whole life, if you are planning on going to Cuba or anywhere that you can swim with the dolphins I would definitely recommend you do it, you will not regret it. I was shocked at how big and strong they are and also how intelligent. The tricks we did with then, there was a certain on where you had to be stood up in the water (harder said than done) and they would swim up to you and if you weren’t stood correctly they would just swim off… do they know! It was a fantastic experience and they were very well looked after also – the enclosures were all natural and in proper sea water, there was no glass enclosures, just fencing to the sea bed. There was a mumma and a baby in their own enclosures and if the dolphin didn’t want to go into the enclosure to “work” that day, they didn’t make it. The one thing that did upset me, is that the Cuban people don’t get to enjoy this experience, it is solely for holiday makers, which I thought was quite unfair!



I just wanted to share with you, where my thoughts are at the moment. I can honestly say I would love to go back in a heartbeat!

So what are you waiting for? book your holiday!

Much Love


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