Feeling Festive

Good Evening Everyone!

Its been a while! How are we all doing? Its 5 weeks Wednesday until Christmas day, I am sooo incredibly excited for Christmas this year. I have all my presents and cards and I am itching to start wrapping and writing! But I feel it is maybe a week or 2 too early!

I hunted through my DVD collection today and hauled out some DVDs that remind me of Christmas and I am ready to start watching them. Matt goes back to working Sunday’s soon so I am going to be making gingerbread, watching Christmas films and wrapping presents! We always get the decorations up before my dads birthday on December 11th, and the tree is normally the weekend after. For as long as I can remember we have always had a real tree, the smell is amazing. Whilst I was walking around a garden centre today, I heard people talking about themes of their tree. We have never done a theme on our tree, most of our decorations have come from my godparents in America or are ones that have a meaning to them. I think this makes the tree a bit more personal to our family each year.

Exploring Fall on Instagram in October I found that people were doing an October countdown for Fall, so when I was doing some early morning pinning and came across the below, I decided that is my chance to do one for my favourite time of year!

IMG_0376.JPG (2)

I have been doing some research (as always) for our family holiday next year and found that Top Of The Roc and The Empire State Building are open 365 days a year! So I know where I will be visiting when I got to NYC for Christmas!

I am off to try and stay awake until the early hours to pick Matt up from the station! I hope you all are feeling as festive as me and are getting ready to enjoy celebrating Christmas!


Emma xxx

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