I Saved A Life

Hello Everyone! How you all feeling today?!

I have some exciting news to share with you all, on Friday night I saved a life! I know, its crazy! Would you like the hear the story???

Both me and my mum turned up to our local Holiday Inn on Friday and were greeted by a really friendly face. She asked if I had an appointment, to which I replied “yes at 6.20”, she took my confirmation letter and asked when I last ate, I had a curry about an hour before and wasn’t ashamed to say it was a big bowl of mum’s home-made curry! She asked me to go through to another room, take a seat and have a big glass of cold water and read this pamphlet.


Already bursting for a wee, I must have downed at least half a pint of water and sat there trying my hardest to hold it all in! I wasn’t sure if I could use the facilities or not so I held it in! The pamphlet went through what to expect and what reactions some people have.

I then got my name called and me and mum followed this lovely nurse into the main room, my mum took a seat at the drinks and biscuits table and I went to sit at the station with the nurse. She asked me a few questions and then told me she needed to take a prick of blood from my finger, it was pretty simple and not too painful. She put it into a sample pot of coloured water and said I was all good to go as my blood sample sunk to the bottom. Just as she told me to sit down with my mum in a different section, I noticed she was using a leopard print pen! I have to say at that point any nerves I had diminished and I knew that I was in the right place doing the right thing!

I sat and waited for about 5 minutes watching everyone else then my name got called again! A really lovely nurse took me to my seat/bed and sat me down, walked me through the machinery and told me to to clench and unclench my fist in a slow motion to make sure the blood even dispersed. She told me it should take about 10 minutes to donate my 470 ml, which is just under a pint of blood. Before I knew it I had the needle in my arm and was donating!

don’t look now if your squeamish!



So me and mum sat there had a giggle and just generally had a bit of a catch up! Then before I knew it my machine started beeping and a really lovely nurse came over and told me I was all done! Whilst she was sorting out all the bits and pieces and putting on my plaster etc. Both myself and my mum were asking me a few questions and I was shocked at the facts she told me and I felt compelled to share these with you.

– Each Blood Donation Can Save Up to 3 People’s Live
– Your Blood Donation Is Ready To Use Within 48 Hours Of Donation
– Your Blood Donation Is Used To Help People Receiving Treatment, Like Cancer, Leukaemia. For Patients Having Transplants, For Babies & Pregnant Mothers And For Accident Victims.
– The UK Only Ever Has Enough Blood For 5 Days
– You Can Give Blood Every 16 Weeks (3 Times A Year).
– The Donor Team Are Crying Out For Blood Donor’s Between 17-24, They Are Low On “Young Blood”

So, even though my life saving story isn’t theatrical or full of drama and suspence, its real. I saved 3 people’s lives with just under 1 pint of blood and I will be doing it again on 17th January and I will continue to do it. I strongly urge all of you to visit and find out when your next location donation session is, give them a call and book yourself in. The team will know its your first time and they will treat you fantastically! I even got a sticker and one for my car!

Please if everyone who this blog reaches gives 1 pint of blood we will have saved 459 lives! How amazing is that!

Lots Of Love

Emma xxx


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