The Blue Award

Happy Thursday Everyone!

So, tonight I thought I would share with you my Slimming World journey. I have been a member of Slimming World on and off since July 2007. When I first joined I weighed approximately 14st stone something and by the December of the same year I had lost around 3st and weighed 11st 6lb, I then maintained that weight for a little while and when my original consultant left in the summer of 2008 I waivered slightly and went to and from different groups and never quite found a consultant that I liked.

Then in June 2010 my original consultant got in touch and told me she was coming back and so when she started up, I rejoined. I cant remember my exact weight but I know it was around the 12st mark, I knew at that point I was in it for the long haul so I just took my time and I eventually got down to my target weight of 10st 11lb and I was sooo pleased of myself. Me and Matt went on our first holiday together and I felt fantastic in a bikini and loved wearing a size 12!

Then something went wrong…….even though I said I was sticking to Slimming World I really wasn’t. I joined the Gym December 31st 2012 and I thought just going to the gym and “eating healthy” would get me back to size 12… didn’t and I wasn’t seeing the results on the scales. So February 4th 2013 I decided to go back to Slimming World, a new group, a new consultant (my old one left). At first I stayed to group and joined in but after a while it became a chore and I felt quite alone as I didn’t know anyone so I used to just weigh and go. In my first 3 weeks I lost 5.5lb, then the 1.5lb gain came along and a pattern started emerging. I would loose a bit then put a bit on, then loose a bit then put a bit on and I wasn’t really getting anywhere. I managed to get my 1/2 stone award on week 8 and I remember thinking, not bad if I can lose 1/2 stone every 2 months I will be happy with that. 8 weeks later and I only weighed 1/2lb lighter…..

Late August I received a text from my cousin asking if I still go to Slimming World and if she can come along? Of course I agreed and due to our clash of schedules we decided on a brand new day of the week with a new consultant. I had got into a comfort zone of putting on and losing so it was a shock that in my new group with the support of my family I was losing, only 1/2lb to a 1lb every week.

After some great losses from my close family, I decided to get a grip and after a week of going back to basics and sticking to plan I went in with a 2lb weight loss. Then this week I had a 1lb weight loss. Finally after attending a group every week for 30 weeks I got my 1st Award, that little Blue Award! I know it might seem mad that a Slimming World member for almost 7 years can get so excited, but I promise you it was the hardest 30 weeks of my life!

Slimming World is the best diet plan I have ever done and it does have results that you want and need. The best piece of advice that I can give anyone is to STAY TO GROUP and not to let one bad day turn into a bad week. It is so easy to lose the plot and completely give up, then hate the scales and eat even more after group to make yourself feel better. It wont help and you wont get anywhere!

I hope my brief history of slimming inspires you this week and keeps you motivated.

Have a great diet week and I hope you see the wonderful results on the scales!


Em x


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