Number 16

Good Morning!

It’s Sunday morning and I thought after working 6 days on this week I would probably sleep in, but not me….I was up the time my alarm would usually go off! I have my small Windows open and i can feel this crisp morning air, I think autumn is definitely on its way!

So this post is dedicated to Number 16 of the bucket list Buy Something At An Auction. The plan was to visit an auction house and bid with a paddle and all that sort of thing, but I have been to a couple and there has been nothing but junk there! So, put my thinking cap on and realised that there is a massive website that is 1 big auction……EBay (I still don’t know why it’s not called EBid).

Now I have sold a couple of things on eBay in my time and I have brought something’s through my mum via buy it now but I have never actually searched through the millions of items and bidder on anything! So I figured if I do a bit of research and hunt through all the items and find a few things that I like and put on my bid, it’s still buying something at an auction. I know it’s not the normal standard way, well actually maybe it is in the current day and age?!

So, I kinda figured i am probably the only person in the world that hasn’t brought anything off eBay! So I need some help, what have you brought? How much is your average spend? Do you work your way up to your top bid? Have you brought anything from abroad? As you can see I’m a bit of an eBay bidder virgin!

Well I am going to go an have some breakfast, and get ready for a shopping day! I’m thinking the Uggs will be making an appearance for the first time since summer!

Have a lovely relaxed Sunday & don’t forget I want all the info you can give me on eBay!

Emma xx


One thought on “Number 16

  1. Hi Emma! I used to buy a lot of records or CDs from there, . I try and avoid buying clothes because I never seem to get the correct fit. Try not to spend too much, but the most was probably about £30 on a record. eBay is good if you want cheap DVDs, books etc for a couple of pounds and don’t mind them being used or a little worn. you might get some animal print Converse on there! x

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