Birthday Blogging!


How are you all doing? Have you enjoyed your last week of summer, as it is now September so it is officially turning into Autumn and those fresh crisp mornings and cold winter nights, I cant wait!

However, that isn’t what this post is always about! This time it is all about my 25th Birthday! I hadn’t planned anything as I am always the organiser, so I asked Matt to organise a meal with some of our closest friends. I had no idea where or when he had arranged it, but that is all that I had wanted to really do.

I was surprised when Matt told me to be ready in my trakkies for 11 on Thursday, only to then be told that there was a ‘package’ upstairs with my name on it, it had one of my dresses, heels & belt in there, so I got dressed and we headed off. We ended up at a lovely little café along the seafront called The Tenth Hole they serve the most amazing cakes in there, so I have heard, as I haven’t been there before! I had the biggest slice of Carrot Cake I have ever seen (it is my favourite). I was to die for, it was lovely sooo yummy, I cant wait to go back!


Once we finished our gigantic cakes we then headed back off in the car towards Chichester, at this point I figured where we were going to. Fontwell Race Course to cross off Number 3 Go To A Horse Race.

The Winning Horse

loved getting up close to the track!

rocking out in Prada and Bvlgari

I only won £7 but I had a great time and really enjoyed the whole experience. I would definitely go again though and cannot wait for the next time!

So I woke up Friday and we headed to a local pub for some breakfast, I had eggs benedict which is my favourite and it was a lovely way to start my birthday. In true birthday girl style, I then headed to a local shopping centre and spent 3 hours trying to find a suitable outfit for my birthday “event” that Matt had arranged. I settled on skinny dark blue jeans from Primark and a lovely red print top from New Look. I spent some time getting ready then just sat around waiting to be told we can go!

Matt’s aunt came picked us up and I had no idea where we could be going, at one point we were heading towards the local Carvery and I was panicking as I was totally overdressed! We pulled up outside an Italian Restaurant that we have never been to before, but each time we go past I ALWAYS say “oooh, I would like to go there” and I was so pleased when he actually took some notice! All of my closest friends were there to celebrate and I was pleased and shocked that they would all come out just for me! Here are a few pictures from that evening!


IMG_0328.JPG (2)
Chris(brother-in-law), Naomi(sister-in-law), Matt & I

Myself & Harriet, who is due to pop in 1 months time!

So, just when I think surprises are done and finished, we head to the local marina on Saturday morning and surprise surprise there is another good friend of mine and her little boy! I had no idea and we had a really good time with them playing in the park and getting some lunch! The little man has changed so much in the last 2 months since I last saw him. They grow up so quickly!

So we settled down to watch Harry Potter on Saturday night and the antics of Friday night definitely were in full effect and we struggled to keep our eyes open! We had to switch off not even half way through! I woke up Sunday morning and headed off to the Gym, I sweated my guts out and really worked hard as I have NOT been sticking to SW this weekend!

I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed and been really spoiled this weekend. Matt has excelled and has really shown me just how much he loves me. I honestly felt truly blessed on Friday night and although some nights I feel that I have no-one and it is just lonely old me, it has made me realise that we have some truly wonderful friends and we are both very lucky!

Thank you for all of our friends for Friday & especially to Matt, my gorgeous boyfriend who truly spoils me rotten and I would be lost without him!


Emma xx

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