Catch Up!

Hello Everyone,

Really sorry that I haven’t been around much over the last week or so. We have been house/dog sitting for my boss and it was far more exciting to play with Chester than to blog! ha ha!

So, how have you all been? I have been reading a book about bucket lists called The Wish List, I read it in 2 days! It was fantastic, could not put it down. It made me realise that I need to think about the smaller items on my list! So, whilst I was at Birdworld this weekend, they had a mini farm and I was thinking that I need to find out as to where I can milk a cow! So I am going to do some research to local farms and see what is about!

Matt has his return to work meeting tomorrow and we will hopefully find out when he will be able to take some annual leave when he returns so we can hopefully book a holiday! I have this niggling feeling that the dates he can take will be dates I cant. I have been thinking that if that is the case, I might take a roadtrip (No. 13) to Plymouth to see one of my oldest friends for a couple of days, or I might look into going to Boston by myself for 3nights so next year me and my cousin can just go to NYC in the fall! I have things to plan and think about so its not too bad I guess!

I have worked out that there is approx. 21 weigh in’s left until Christmas! So I am aiming for at least 1lb a week, that is at least a stone and half by then, which I will happy with but would prefer to hit target by Christmas! I need to start taking Slimming World more seriously and stick to the plan!

Well it is August and that means it is my Birthday Month!! Wahoo!!! I will be 25 on 30th August, I have left all the celebration planning to Matt. I have told him the people that I would really like to be there and left him to sort the rest. I am slightly nervous as to what he has planned, but I am sure it will be ok! I have 5 years left to finish my list, plenty of time, I have 27 left to do! Mental note – really need to start going back to Yoga!!!

Well ok, its 10.30pm and I really need to get some sleep! I will update you tomorrow night as to what has happened and if me and the fella will be going away!

Much Love

Em xx

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