British Summers!

So, 1 year ago the UK had the whole world watching us. We celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee with street parties and bank holidays, we even decorated the outside of our house with flags. The country felt united for what I feel was the first time in a long time! We then went on to host the 2012 Olympics, I am not a sporty person, don’t get wrong I love a game of footie and going to gym, but I’m not overly keen on sport. The Olympics however, it was great I found myself getting so into everything, staying late at Matts just to see the end of a race!

My cousin Ryan had the luck to be accepted as a volunteer for the Olympics last year and he made this lovely video following his time during the games…..

Following all the excitement from last year, I can’t help but feel this summer is a bit of a lull. There isn’t much excitement going on in the country! I am gagging for a holiday, Matt has his return to work meeting next week and hopefully we will find out when he can take some leave, I just hope that we can have time off together. I am thinking though, even if we can’t get the time off together I might still go away for a few days on my own. I’ve been thinking I might go to Boston so next year with my cousin we can just shop till we drop in New York!

Well I am off for now, I will blog again later in the week.

Emma xx

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