Hot, Hot, Hot

Hey Everyone,

I am sat here in my room at 9pm at night, with my fan on and it’s still boiling hot! I don’t know what has happened to the UK but this weather is insane! I actually think it has been hotter here than when I went to Cuba last November!

You may not notice I have removed my No Junk Food Challenge page, this is because I have decided it is going to become my way of life rather than a challenge! Even though at times it is really hard, I am actually not missing any of the things on there. I am going to stick to the plan and have some time off over my birthday in August and then get straight back on it. Also not that I often talk about my weight loss journey, I just wanted to share with you that I am 5lb away from my stone award which I am confident that I will achieve by mine and Matts 4th anniversary at the beginning of August!

So, this weekend we hosted our annual family party & this year it was Jamaican themed, everyone made such a great effort and I am hoping everyone had a great time! Here is a quick shot my me, my mum, my dad and brother.


It is taking me forever to write this blog! I am watching a new programme on TLC called Cheer Perfection it’s like the movie Bring It On! It’s so bad but I can’t help but watch it!

So I have been thinking about the list a bit and getting quite excited as I have already crossed off 3 things, so I have 27 left to go! I think I can do a few more this year. Next year is going to be. Big one I am already hoping to be able to cross off 4 from the list! I am getting there and enjoying the obstacles in the way!

Ok so I know I said it was really hot and your probably thinking I am mad! But I am sat here thinking ‘what can I get everyone for Christmas’ crazy I know! But I often think you have to be ahead of the game and be prepared! Are you all thinking of who to buy for and what to buy? I have no idea where to start!

So, I am going to go to bed, I hope you all are doing ok and enjoying the summer!

Love Emma xx


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