Antique or Junk?

So yesterday I was awoken at 4am by Matt being really poorly – he was up being ill for a good 2 hours. It reached 6am and I decided he needed to go home, so me and my dad took him back to his and handed over playing nurse to his mum! I climbed back into bed and slept right through until 10am!

When I woke up, I thought to myself ‘what on earth do I do on a Saturday on my own?!’ We spend most weekends together, so to actually be on my own was a turn up for the books! Thankfully my parents offered to keep me entertained for the day! Mum wanted to head to an antique shop in a local village (not sure what she was hoping to find!). When we arrived I saw a lot of shabby chic stuff in the window & thought that I could buy myself something new to add to my room – perhaps a nice quote!

We looked round and I was really disappointed, it looked like it was all stuff that you would find in a charity shop or at a car boot sale. There was nothing there that took my eye as being an antique or worth any sort of money! Which lead me to the quote ‘One Mans Treasure Is Another Mans Junk’. We were on the 2nd floor when I saw quite a few glass cabinets full of jewellery. There were some stunning rings there that you can only dream of owning, sapphires, rubys, diamonds the list was endless. That was the only thing that I can honestly say I would go back to that store for!

Me and Matt are going to an auction on my week off in 2 weeks, it is labelled as a brick-a-brac auction, I have decided to re-label bric-a-brac to ‘One Mans Treasure Is Another Mans Junk’ ha ha ha! I am hoping there will be some jewellery there that I can get my hands on! I would love to get a silver/white gold ring with a coloured stone. When my Nan passed she left me a gold ring with a ruby (I think) and the tiniest diamonds, its too small for me to wear and the style isn’t really me, but it is something that I will keep forever. I would love to find something really different and unique at the auction, but don’t really know what to look for!

When I have been to my godparents in Indiana before we have been to an antique mall (Exit 76 Antique Mall) it was massive! There was so much stuff there, but like everything I think you need to know what you want before you go! I was amazed by the amount of jukeboxes there, my dad has always wanted one and I think they look really retro and could be really good! If I had children I would love to get a really old rocking horse for them to play on, I think they look lovely!

Anyway, it is a bit of a boring Sunday here, the weather is pants and I am sitting here trying to ignore the smell of chocolate brownies and upside down pineapple cake (check out the no junk food challenge page!). I am off to search for hotels in Boston and do some pinning on Pinterest!

Have a good Sunday afternoon!

I will catch you later.

Much Love


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