Girl Issues


So I am sat here creating some photobooks, which I have wanted to do for a LONG time & have been looking back over mine and Matt’s first holiday photo’s from Croatia in 2011. I weighed approx. 10st 10lb then and looking back now I was really thin & I don’t know if it was too thin? Right now I am overweight but I am a size 14/16 dependant on where I shop and more often than not there is nothing in the shops in my size, I figure its because everyone is that size? I have just googled the average dress size for a UK woman and it is 14/16 but if that is the case why do women who are a “normal” size feel fat?!

I don’t think the world of celebrity helps, most women in the public eye are clearly not size 14/16. The women that model the clothes in the stores and catalogues are obviously not “normal” size. Why don’t companies hire normal size girls to model their clothes? Surely if girls my age are feeling the strain to be thinner and comply with what the media and clothing companies are portraying as being “normal” god only knows how young girls are feeling!

You look through magazines and it shows you all about what the celebs weigh or how much they have lost and you cant help but compare yourself to them, what does the media think its doing to the women of today? talk about putting pressure on us to look stick thin! Not even thinking about what idea’s it then puts into men’s heads as to what they think a woman will look like.

I feel that was in the “normal” group at school, I wasn’t a geek and I wasn’t popular but I did feel pressured about my weight. The popular girls were thinner than me and appeared to dress better than me as well and I always thought it was because they were thinner they could fit into nicer clothes. I dread to think how the girls feel now that are growing up, there is so much pressure to feel the need to fit in. The clothes for children as well is so much more influenced on what the adults are wearing. When did adult clothes become acceptable for children to wear? Christ even River Island has a kids section!

I just feel that we need to be praising more normal girls and getting them on the front covers rather than stick thin models that probably don’t eat!

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