Films, Fondue, Family & Fairgrounds!

Good Evening Everyone!

How was your weekend? I have just got home from my boyfriends house, we have had a lovely busy weekend which makes a change for us!

We went out with our friends Lee & Hayley on Friday to see The Hangover 3. We all thought it was hilarious! I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD, we will definitely have a Hangover Movie Night. We also went to our favourite Indian restaurant on Friday, we haven’t been for a while and it was better than ever! I had my favourite curry there a Kashmir, it had gorgeous Lychees in there and the chicken was lovely!

My parents had invited my boyfriend’s mum and dad over on Saturday for a Fondue party, we had melted cheese, sausages, breads etc. it was LOVELY! I was doing so well with the No Junk Food Challenge, until mum brought out the chocolate fondue and the marshmallows, I caved and had some, but not a lot. However, that was it the challenge was ruined! So my plan is to start fresh tomorrow… read more about how this week has gone check out my No Junk Food Challenge page!

So, today we were woken at 8am and somehow I was just ready when my boyfriends brother turned up with his 2 gorgeous girls ready for a trip further down the coast to celebrate fathers day with my boyfriends granddad and some more of his family! Once we arrived and said our hello’s we all hit the arcades and funfair! Our nieces won LOADS of tickets and some fantastic prizes and we went on some of the rides in the funfair! I even got to go on the carousel, which I haven’t done since I was a little girl! I had such a great day today, I haven’t laughed and smiled so much for a long time. I think it does your soul well to spend time goofing around with little ones as they make you just de-stress and have fun!

Well I am going to sign off and get some rest, I am going back and hitting the gym HARD tomorrow! I haven’t been for OVER a week now and I am really missing it! I need to get back on the couch to 5k app and get my running head back on and really train hard and lose weight fast! I have a week off coming up in 2 weeks time and I want to have lost about half a stone by then, so we need to get this body pumping ha ha ha!

Night all!


Emma xxx

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