London Baby!

Good Evening All!

You may all see that a new page has been added entitled ‘No Junk Food Challenge’, I urge to all to take a read, it will be updated almost daily if I can – let me know if you are taking part and we can all support each other!

So, I spend the weekend in London with my mumma and my aunties and cousin and we had a lovely time! We visited Harrods and after looking at all the lovely food they have on offer we headed straight for Animal Kingdom and I was soooo excited to see that they had British Bulldog Puppies and French Bulldog Puppies for sale. They were adorable, I just wish I could have afforded to take them all home! We looked around for something for our cat Chuck but there was nothing really we thought he would like. I did find an animal print collar, but because it wasnt a buckle collar mum wouldn’t agree to him having it!

We also took a look around the Luxury goods department and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the Louis Vuitton counter and saw several bags that I liked the look of and realised that I cannot wait to go into one of their stores in London and purchase my very own Louis Vuitton bag! I absolutely loved one of their window displays, one of the bags was to die for and I stood for a good 5 minutes admiring it!

Once we were done in Harrods we headed over to Carnaby Street to check out Choccywoccydoodah’s new London store! We were NOT disappointed!  The store was beautiful, filled with the most amazing cakes I have ever seen! My cousin and aunty were soo excited when they realised Christine was actually in the store that day and were able to have a photograph taken with her. We headed up to the cafe, just above the store and each had either a hot chocolate or milkshake. 3 of us were brave enough to indulge in a Chocolate Brownie, I have the pleasure to say I was one of those 3 and I can honestly say it was the BEST chocolate brownie and Milkshake I have ever had! The member of the team that served us made us feel very welcome and was really polite! Whilst we were doing our final browsing in the shop, we got chatting to a lovely member of the team who talked us through the cakes and the secret room and lots of other things. It really made us feel welcome and like we were valued customers!






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