Travel, Travel, Travel

Well after my concerns the other night it all appears to have been over nothing!

I spoke with my boyfriend about my conversation with my bestie over Vegas & LA and whilst we both agreed we would like to go to LA one day, its not somewhere we are really really wanting to see right now. So we have made the decision that we will do a week in Vegas with my friend and her boyfriend and when they go off to LA we will come home. I cant wait, I am really hoping we can go to the Grand Canyon and do the Rollercoasters in New York New York and on top of the Stratosphere. Me and my boyfriend really enjoy a visit to the casino, so it is likely that we will have flutter or two!

We also had a chat about his travelling plans as he wants to do the majority of Asia and Australia next summer and even though we will be apart for a couple of months I will be at my godparents for some of it and we have whatsapp so its not like we cant talk to each other. We have both agreed that it will either make us stronger or we will grow apart, either way we have to say we tried!

Now, when we were sat at the beachfront and I got a text from my gorgeous cousin, just a picture message of a holiday brochure of New York Holidays and saying can we go??? I messaged her back and said we can but when? Bless her she was like this year – but realistically I know that there is no way either of us could afford to go this year, so I suggested we go next year and would she be happy to do a week in the states and team New York up with Boston?! She only went a bloomin’ said YES! I was sooo happy! So we are going to 7 nights split between NYC and Boston, so she will get to shop and I can tick Whale Watching off my Bucket List!

I was a very happy girlie last night and I am so grateful for being able to do all this travelling and with such wonderful people. I truly feel blessed that I have such wonderful friends and family!

I work in an office and cannot believe the amount of people that haven’t been to the states yet and they are so uninterested in going, I try so hard to encourage them as its not all about big cities and Disneyland. I cannot wait to go to my godparents next year, they live in a small town out side of Indianapolis and it so laid back and in the country. Every time I go I feel more and more relaxed and that for me is the best bit about America. If you want to lay by the beach and party, go to Miami. If you want rollercoasters and to feel like a big kid, go to Florida. If you want to shop till you drop and see a show, go to New York. You can even go skiing, or visit the desert, I love how diverse America is and yet how everyone that I have ever met makes you feel so welcome.

Well I am off to finish sorting out my bag as me, Mumma, my cousin & Aunty are off to my other Aunty’s in Essex tomorrow for our Aunty & Nieces Weekend. We are hitting London Town, going to Harrods, the Choccywocydoodah Shop and Lorraine Pascale’s Cupcake Shop in Covent Garden. We might even have a cocktail and some food somewhere too! I can’t wait, hopefully the weather will be nice and we will all be relaxed and have a giggle!

Have a great weekend and stay positive!


Em xxx


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