Lone Traveller

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while! I need to let some frustration out…..


I am looking for holidays to Boston for next October, so I can go in the fall and do some whale watching and on my own at The Taj Boston it is approx £1300 if I go with another person it goes down to £850! How is that fair? Why do single travellers get penalised for not having someone else to travel with! I am going to hunt around for single travel agencies, there has to be another way, I have even looked at sta travel who deal with student and young person travel and they are just as expensive! Does anyone know any lone traveller travel agencies?

I think maybe that is my calling! Maybe I need to set up my own travel agency!

I got a call from my bestie today as we are planning to do a couples holiday to Vegas! She has been looking around and we could also end up go to going to LA for 3 nights! It’s all very exciting and becoming very real! I can’t wait!

On a separate note, I have been doing the couch to 5k app and I am on week 5, I am still finding it hard but I am not going to give up! I have also found this Pinterest


I am going to start it on Monday, I’m hoping it will boost my weightloss! I’m still doing ok, losing a bit at a time. I know it will come eventually!

I am still doing my yoga, but have found my hips are a bit clicky and sound like they are grinding. I am going to speak to my yoga teacher on Thursday and see what she says and if need be go to the doctor!

Me and the boyfriend have been having some heart to hearts over the past two weeks and I definitely feels that this quote is exactly how I feel about him!


Ok well I am going to search and search for lone traveller travel agents!

Have a good week


Emma xxx


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