Good Morning,

Wow I really wanted to write Good Morning America, I don’t know….it’s 7:47am!

You will be pleased to learn that I planted my sunflower seeds over the weekend and they are on the. Window ledge waiting to grow! However, the weather in the UK isn’t great so not sure how well they will do.

I am SUPER excited about next week I am on holiday from work and despite the fact that my boyfriend is waiting for an op for his knee, we have still found things to do! We have booked to go to Harry Potter Studio Tour which I am really excited about, we are going to see iron man 3 too!

I have booked a surprise for him….after the studio tour we are going to travel down to Kent stay over night then go to the designer outlet in Ashford for some retail therapy! I also plan on taking him for afternoon tea in a little village near where we live!

I can’t wait just to have some rest time, switch off and just relax for a week! Of course I will still be going to the gym and doing my yoga class once a week! I am loving yoga, even nearly brought my own yoga mat at the weekend, but decided to wait until I have finished my introduction class!

Right I best get ready for work!

Have a good day!

Emma xxx

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