Working Out The List

Hey all!

Hope your all ok, just wanted to start with a positive that is completely unrelated to my bucket list, BUT I got my half stone award at my slimming club last night! Soooo pleased!

Ok so….I figured that to achieve my list I need to cross off 6 things each year, there are 7 foreign trips so I ideally need to do at least 1 a year…..I’m thinking of crossing off the Eiffel Tower or Trevi Fountain this year so then I just have the states and a safari to cross off!

I think that is what is going to make me fail! I’m pretty sure that I will be able to do all the rest & probably within the next year, it’s just the trips abroad I might struggle with!

Oh we’ll apart from buy my own home, that won’t happen in the next year….ha ha ha, I’m clearly not made of money!

Right, I’m off! I want to get something crossed off my list by June!


Emma xx

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