Happy Thursday!

I am just back from my first Yoga class today. I don’t think I have ever done anything so relaxing in my life! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be & I am going to keep going and hopefully become a yoga guru! I’m going to do a bit of research to find out some more about the history of yoga and where all the positions come from, as some are pretty weird!

I am glad I have found something that is relaxing and I can use the breathing methods. I have previous suffered from anxiousness and panic attacks, for anyone that has them knows how scary they can be. I often have to either take 5 minutes out to get away from the situation, but I’m hoping that yoga will help with my breathing and keep me calm.

I went to see an old friend last night who has just announced that she is pregnant, which I am sooo pleased about. So many of my friends that I was at school with are either moving out, getting married or having babies. Sometimes I feel like I’m a few years behind, but every time I look at my list I think ‘look at everything I am going to achieve’. When its my turn for all that stuff to happen I can look back and know that I didn’t rush into anything!

I recently thought I might be able to cross off 1 item off the list, but it turns out it isn’t meant to be right now! So, I am going to keep up with the yoga & when I have joined a class (and not the beginners one) I will cross it off the list!

I hope your all ok & enjoying my blog!

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Catch ya soon





2 thoughts on “Relaxation

    • It was an introduction to yoga, I imagine I will keep going to this class for a few weeks until I am happy then step up to a standard yoga class πŸ™‚

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