The List

Ok, so if you have read my about me section, then you will know what this is all about…..

So here it goes, The List, 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30!

  1. Go To Vegas
  2. See The Sunrise At The Beach
  3. Go To A Horse Race
  4. Buy My Own Home
  5. Go On A Safari
  6. Buy A Designer Pair Of Sunglasses
  7. Buy A Louis Vuitton Bag
  8. Learn Pilates Or Yoga
  9. Go To A Rodeo
  10. Go Up The Eiffel Tower
  11. Fly First Class
  12. Grown A Sunflower
  13. Go On A Roadtrip
  14. Go For A Week Without Using My Phone/I Pad/Laptop
  15. Run The Race For Life
  16. Visit Niagara Falls
  17. Visit Boston & Whale Watch
  18. Be In The Audience Of A TV Show
  19. Have Afternoon Tea At The Ritz
  20. Experience Christmas In New York
  21. Take My Godchildren Out For The Day By Myself
  22. Stay Up All Night Watching Movies
  23. Make A Wish At The Trevi Fountain
  24. Take A Photo Everyday For A Year
  25. Attend A Fashion Show
  26. Donate Blood
  27. Milk A Cow
  28. Make My Own Christmas Cards
  29. Book A Last Minute Holiday
  30. Do A Photo Shoot With My Mum

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